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A note from the Headmistress

Dear Sir or Madam,
Dear Parents,

Welcome to the STELLA school's website.

For their first steps at school, your children will be able to learn in a brand new establishment, which can accommodate up to 12 classes, from the first years of nursery school to the later years.

Nursery school is an important stage, because it both fosters social life and is a place for personal development;  it also enables us to structure our first acquisition of knowledge.

Children will learn to develop their spoken language and will begin to discover written languages, numbers and English through play and through manual skills, thinking, and solving small problems.

The educational staff and I will ensure that children acquire these basic skills in a climate of confidence, and thus have a successful first experience of school.

The school's website is frequently updated to enable you to see the various projects led by the teachers and the activities undertaken in class.

Share the life of the school with us!
I invite you to visit this site regularly!
I thank you for your attention and wish you an excellent new term!

Christelle LORENZI     

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